Ensure efficient operations and customer service at the billing counters
Queue Monitoring

“Nearly 20% of shoppers abandon their carts and shop elsewhere if the check-out line is too long – resulting in significant loss of sale.”

Get a real-time alert when the queues are starting to build up. Count the no of baskets/trolleys in the queue for billing and trigger the opening of more counters as soon as there is queuing at the currently open counters . Measure customer waiting time at the queues and calibrate accordingly to enhance customer experience.
See the Queue Alert demo



Know the performance of your end caps
End Cap Analysis

Hypermarkets need to make the most of every sq. ft of space. Monitor the dwell times at end-caps to measure their effectiveness. Know if the customers are really looking at them and purchasing, or are they just passing by them? Are the end caps drawing the customers to aisles? This will help you to identify your best-performing end caps so that you can charge the brands accordingly. You can also know if the signage and offers are correctly displayed.

Measure the performance of the brand counters

ShopR360® offers you monetization opportunities wherein you can monitor data for brand counters, such as footfall at brand counter, dwell times, number of demos, staff attendance, staff interactions, and staff dwell – and share the same with brands to help them get insight into their brand performance within the hypermarket. This can be provided to them on a chargeable basis.



Ensure genuine and quick transactions at the cash till
Cash Till Monitoring

Monitor cash tills to ensure that credit notes are given only when a customer is at the counter.You can access the data at any point to review the transactions and track any cases of fraud or theft. You can also measure the efficiency of the till operator by knowing the duration of each checkout and correlating the same with the wait time in that respective queue.